Award Categories & Nomination Criteria

The awards celebrates work across 30 categories and a wide range of organizations and entrepreneurs, highlighting the unique impact and role each play in serving the African people. (Read nomination criteria below) . A few of these categories are improved or updated every year

Innovation of the year

Entrepreneurial woman of the year

Entrepreneurial man of the year

Most Entrepreneurial Youth below 25

Best family business

Bank with best customer service

Telecom with best customer service

Best digital media

Best traditional media

Airline with best customer service

Best business school

Best comedy house

Best insurance company

Best leisure & hospitality company

Best eCommerce company

Best catering service company

Best food & drinks company

Best network marketing company

Best social enterprise

Best real estate company

Best established record label

Best New record label

Best audio & visual production house

Best established movie house

Best new movie house

Best event organizing company

Best health and wellbeing organization

Best fashion and beauty company

Best Agric company

Best tech company

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees and their organizations must be duly registered and operate in accordance of government laws in their country
  • Organizations must be employing a minimum of 5 staff
  • A Nominee should be an African or providing value or service to Africans.
  • Groups or companies entering for the AB Afrikpreneur Award must not be owned by Africans BUT must be established in Africa and serving the African people.
  • A Company must have existed for at least 2 years with outstanding impact and evidence
  • For Individuals, a nominee must have served for at least 1 year in the respective category with outstanding impact and evidence
  • Company or individual’s works must be impactful enough, commendable and able to inspire others

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