Official Nominees & Winners Of The AB Afrikpreneur Awards

Below is the list of all nominees and winners of the AB Afrikpreneur Awards since it’s inception. Every year this list is updated to carry new nominees and our deserving winners…

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  • 2019 Nominees & Winners...

    Innovation of the year

    MaziwaPlus – Savana Circuit Tech (Kenya)

    Cardio-pad - Marc Arthur Zang – (Cameroon)

    Multi-Crop Thresher – SaYeTECH (Ghana) WINNER

    Cameroon Made Drone – William Elong (Cameroon)

    Entrepreneurial woman of the year

    Herore Bell Bebga (Cameroon)

    Uche Pedro – (Nigeria)

    Marilyn Nguemo Chime (Cameroon) WINNER

    Sibongile Rejoyce Sambo (South Africa)

    Entrepreneurial man of year

    Stephen Sembuya (Uganda)

    Salatiel Livenja (Cameroon) WINNER

    Christian Ngan (Cameroon)

    Most Entrepreneurial Youth Below 20

    Njoh Trevo – Tcute Blog (Cameroon)

    Tomisin Ogunnubi – My Locator (Nigeria)

    Njelon Yonta Sandra – SSL (Cameroon)

    Anslem Etuge – DakidArts (Cameroon) WINNER

    Most Impactful Entrepreneur

    Claudel Noubissie (Cameroon)

    Sangu Delle (Ghana) 

    Ruth Tembe-Epie (Cameroon) WINNER

    Christian Benimana (Rwanda)

    Best Startup Incubator

    ActivSpaces (Cameroon)

    Start-up Academy (Cameroon) WINNER

    Jongo Hub (Cameroon)

    C-Life (Cameroon)

    Beverage Company With Best Customer Service

    Les Brasseries Du Cameroun

    Source Du Pays Cameroon WINNER

    Sofavinc Cameroon

    Guinness Cameroon

    Best Catering Service Company

    White House Restaurant (Cameroon)

    Chef Nina’s Cuisine (Cameroon) WINNER

    Racines (Cameroon)

    Erika Delice (Cameroon)

    Best Coffee House Brand

    Terrific Coffee (Cameroon) WINNER

    Tanzania Peaberry Coffee (Tanzania)

    Coffee House (Cameroon)

    Weg Cafe (Cameroon)

    Best Network Marketing Company

    Aim Global

    Longrich WINNER

    Leo Smart

    Teks Global And Value Chain service LTD

    Best Social Enterprise

    Operation Total Impact (Cameroon)

    Start-up Grind (The Gambia)

    Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation (Cameroon)

    Ayah Foundation (Cameroon) WINNER

    Best Sports Academy

    YOSA FC (Cameroon) WINNER

    Eding Sport FC(Cameroon)

    Njalla Quan Sports Academy (Cameroon)

    CotonSport (Cameroon)

    Best Agricultural Organisation

    Global Unit Transformative Aid (Cameroon)

    Ndawara Estate (Cameroon)

    GreenHouse Ventures (Cameroon) WINNER

    Save Our Agriculture (Cameroon)

    Best Tech Company

    Visionary Technology Company (Cameroon)

    Eternal company LTD (Cameroon)

    AfroVision Group (Cameroon)

    New generation technology (Cameroon) WINNER

    Bank With Best Customer Service



    Afriland First Bank

    SCB Bank

    Telecom With Best Customer Service

    Nexttel Cameroon

    Glo Nigeria

    MTN Cameroon

    Orange Cameroun WINNER

    Supermarket with best Customer Service

    Santa Lucia (Cameroon) WINNER

    Prince Ebeano Supermarket (Nigeria)

    Supermarche Mahima (Cameroon)

    Carrefour Market (Cameroon)

    Transport company with best customer service


    Musango Bus service WINNER              

    Touristique Express                

    Finex Voyage                           

    Guarantee Express                  


    Brussels Airlines 

    Ethiopian Airlines WINNER  

    Rwanda Airlines

    Nigerian Airways

    Most entrepreneurial Educational Institution

    HIMS Cameroon

    Catholic University Institutes Cameroon WINNER  

    Rome business School (Cameroon)

    Siantou Higher Institute of Business and Technology (Cameroon)

    Best established record label

    Alpha Beta Records (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Zylofon Music (Ghana)

    Motherland Empire (Cameroon)

    Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC (Cameroon)

    Best upcoming record label

    One of a kind entertainment (Cameroon)

    Sky Limit Records (Cameroon)

    Iven empire (Nigeria) WINNER  

    1N Entertainment (Cameroon)

    Best video Production House

    Media256 (Uganda)

    NS Pictures (Cameroon)

    REX (Ghana) WINNER  

    Cameroon Phase Entertainment – (Cameroon)  

    Best established movie house

    Blue Rain Entertainment (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Square Movies Entertainment (Cameroon)

    B’Concepts Network productions (Nigeria)

    Cape Town Photo & Film Production Euroconnection (South Africa)

    Best upcoming Movie House

    Miracle movie production (Cameroon)

    Supreme Mega Movies Studio (Nigeria)

    Sumit productions (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Freelance Entertainment (Cameroon)


    Best Event Organising Company

    Cliq Empire (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Opuvia Fair (Cameroon)

    Shosa Empire (Cameroon)

    Cocowols (Cameroon)

    Best Fashion House

    ShaSha Designs (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Head Huncho Clothing (South Africa)

    Beringi (Cameroon)

    Louis fame (Cameroon)  

    Best Digital Media

    Entrepreneur Business Blog (Nigeria) WINNER  

    Harry Graphic (Ghana)

    Bellanaija (Nigeria)

    Bonteh Media Network (Cameroon)

    Best Traditional Media


    Equinox TV(Cameroon)

    Canal 2 International ( Cameroon) WINNER  

    Joy Prime (Ghana)

    Boom Tv (Cameroon)                           


    Radio Balafon (Cameroon) WINNER  

    Mediafrique Radio (Cameroon)

    Sweet FM (Cameroon)

    Traffic Radio (Nigeria)  


    The Guardian Post WINNER  

    Le Messager

    Le Jour

    The Post   

    Best Online Market Company

    Jumia (Cameroon) (Nigeria)

    Afrimarket (Cameroon)

    Sellam Quick (Cameroon) WINNER  

  • 2020 Nominees & Winners...

    Innovation of the year

    Ndamo Ndamo – Zuumpay (Cameroon)

    Juslain Raharinaivo - Biodegradable seed tray for rice farming (Madagascar)

    Jato Mark - Muyany corner - WINNER

    Wassim Chahbani - Buried Diffuser (Tunisia)

    Abraham Natukunda - e-nose sensor for tea (Uganda)


    Entrepreneurial woman of the year

    Nathalie Koah (Cameroon)

    Teta Isibo (Rwanda)

    Monica Musanda (Zambia)

    Fotabe Elmine (Cameroon) -WINNER

    Entrepreneurial man of the year

    Njeiforbi Louis Tebi (Cameroon)

    Fombam Bernard (Cameroon)

    Patrick Awuah - Ashesi University (Ghana)

    Triyah Swebu (Cameroon)

    Budi Norbert Mbua (Cameroon) -  WINNER

    Most entrepreneurial youth below 25

    Chidera Nkwegu (Nigeria)

    Nju Dima Ako (Cameroon) - WINNER

    June Syowia (Kenya)

    Ambe Nickson (Cameroon)

    Lopty Pascal (Cameroon)

    Felix Fomengia (Cameroon)


    Best family enterprise

    Ramco Group (Kenya)

    Njalla Quan Sports Academy (Cameroon) - WINNER

    METL Group (Tanzania)

    Nimpat Group (Nigeria)

    Winery (South Africa)


    Bank with best customer service

    Afriland Bank

    UBA Bank


    BICEC Bank

    SCB Bank

    CCA Bank

    Telecom with best customer service

    Glo (Nigeria)

    Macro Telecom (Morocco)

    Mobinil (Egypt)

    MTN (Cameroon) - WINNER


    Best digital media

    Correct Bro (Nigeria)

    Delly Matchups (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Big Web Media (South Africa)

    237 Showbiz (Cameroon)

    ActuCameroun (Cameroun)


    Best traditional media

    The Post Newspaper (Cameroon) - WINNER

    The Star (South Africa)

    Sahara Reports (Nigeria)

    The Voice (Cameroon)

    The New Times (Rwanda)

    The Star (Cameroon)


    Airline with best customer service

    Kenyan Airways - WINNER

    TAAG Angola Airlines

    Fastjet Zimbabwe

    Rwanda Air

    Best business school

    Gordon institute of business science South Africa

    University of Ghana Business School

    Rome Business School Nigeria

    National Polytechnic Bambui Cameroon

    HIBMAT Cameroon - WINNER

    Best Comedy House

    Broda Shaggi (Nigeria)

    Oboy Da Comic (Cameroon)

    Senior Pastor (Cameroon)

    Cabrel Nanjip (Cameroon)

    Sydney Talker (Nigeria)

    Danny Green Freshking (Cameroon) - WINNER


    Best eCommerce

    Sellam Quick (Cameroon)

    Jumia (Nigeria)

    CHYmall (Ghana) - - WINNER

    Konga (Nigeria)

    Best catering service company

    Iya Restaurant (Cameroon)

    Vista Restaurant (Nigeria)

    Ni's kitchen (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Urban Grill (Ghana)

    Best food & drinks company

    Java foods (Zambia)

    Nestle (Cameroon)

    Nimpat (Nigeria) - WINNER

    Sofavinc (Cameroon)

    Brasseries du Cameroon

    Best network marketing company


    Teks Global - WINNER

    CHY Mall

    TREVO LLC South Africa

    Aim Global

    Best social enterprise

    Emily Miki foundation (Cameroon)

    Tony Elumelu foundation (Nigeria) - WINNER

    Tonto Dike Foundation (Nigeria)

    CHARDA (Cameroon)

    Best real estate company

    AMG Group (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Cameroun (Maison)

    Just property (South Africa)

    Caldwell (Nigeria)

    Best established record label

    Universal Music (Cameroon)

    Motherland Empire (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Djimba World Records (Ghana)

    Stevens Records (Cameroon)

    Davido Music Worldwide (Nigeria)  

    Best New record label

    Lionn Records (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Bamenda Boy Records (Cameroon)

    Kaycee Records (Nigeria)

    Highlands Records (Cameroon)

    Queen Mimba records (Cameroon)

    Best audio & visual production house

    CPE (Cameroon)

    Xbills Ebenezer (Ghana)

    Sesan (Nigeria)

    Penjo Baba (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Max Ngassa (Cameroon)

    Best established movie house

    Embi Productions (Cameroon)

    Sceneone Productions (Nigeria)

    Yvonne Nelson Productions (Ghana)

    Ghana Foundry media (Nigeria)

    Kang Quintus Films (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Best new movie house

    Noble Arts entertainment (Cameroon)

    White lamb entertainment (Cameroon)

    Black Home movie House (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Freelance Entertainment (Cameroon)

    Best event organizing company

    Golden Globe (Cameroon)

    Blue Moon Corporate Communications (South Africa)

    Beta Media (Cameroon)

    African Billionaire (South Africa)

    Surprise de luxe (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Best fashion and beauty company

    Imane Ayissi Fashion (Cameroon)

    NoniWhite Wears (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Loza Maleombho (Ivory Coast)

    House of Tara (Nigeria)

    Taku Claude Design (Cameroon)

    Best Agric company

    AFGRI (South Africa)

    Farmcrowdy (Nigeria)

    Teks Global And Value Chain Services (Cameroon)

    Dangote Sugar Refinery (Nigeria)

    Highlands farms (Cameroon) - WINNER

    Award Of Honour

    Salatiel Livenja [Producer, Entrepreneur]

    Award Of Honour

    National Polytechnic Bambui & YOSA

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