Backstory, The AB Afrikpreneur Community

An Annual Experience For Entrepreneurs Of All Walks Of Life Who Want To Build Solid Networks, All Commanding From Their Cell Phones!

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Here's What JUST Happened

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Buea, Cameroon

Dear entrepreneur,

You might be hearing about AB Afrikpreneur for the first time …

So What's The Difference From Other Events?

AB Afrikpreneur means different things to different people

To some of you it’s going to be a bundle of joy and the fulfillment to own your first (or next) trophy and one moment when you become the hero of your own story for all the hard work you have put in for years behind closed doors

For others, it’s going to be one moment to hang out and connect with vibrant and energetic young people like yourself who speak the same language like you – SUCCESS.

For you as an entrepreneur with your own company, you may be caught in digging the big networks at the event

And for some of you, you’re just looking for that one moment that will burst your bubble and inspire you to put more energy in your thing and create more impact to the world!

This is going to be that moment you sit side by side with entrepreneurs and celebrities you may have only heard about or watched on screens.

But if you’re like most people who have attended this event, the experience will completely change your network (and for some of you, it’ll change your life the people you connect with)

This is not just an award event (Though we'd have lots of trophies)

AB Afrikpreneur is a COMMUNITY

We also wanted a platform where we could build a rock for entrepreneurs in different fields of life and have experienced entrepreneurs hold the hands of young ones and show them over their shoulders.

In 2017 when I just launched my business ARREYB Media, I was craving to connect with Cameroonian Media guru Bony Dashaco.

Dashaco is estimated to be worth billions and has been repeatedly listed on Forbes for several years in a roll and among Africa’s top 10 most influential young leaders. So I thought connecting and learning from him will be the right thing to do

That year I made 4 trips to his office and dropped several appointment letters but didn't get any opportunity to meet him.

I can still vividly remember the overwhelming feeling as I jumped into a bus traveling for three hours on my way to his office for the first time.

That day I got lost in Douala …

I wondered on the road for good 40 minutes …

My back was soaking wet with sweat, and the longer I walked under the hot sun, the more I felt confused and tired.

It was my first try but I was so anxious about booking to see him because I wanted to listen to his story and learn from his bulk of experience

I knew that the easiest way to create impact was not by trying to start something new which no one had done before, but by looking at someone who had already gone ahead and modeling their success  

That first day I still didn’t get the opportunity to meet him


Every Means I Tried That Year Failed!

When 2018 came, I told myself I wasn’t going to give up!

That same period, I planned to return to school after dropping my degree education to start my business and as a student running a business, I didn’t have any extra money to spend on travels.

So the first month I tried everything I could to make another trip to his office in Douala, Cameroon but it failed again.

So the entire year, I made 3 more trips to his office and still did not get the opportunity to meet him.

One lucky time, I succeeded to get his secretary’s number but she wouldn’t let me know his exact schedule, so I spent the entire 2018 still not being able to meet him.

I tried emailing one of his companies but never got a response

Within two years I dropped 8 appointment letters at his office and sent 6 random emails

So when 2019 came, I was talking to a senior friend in his office about one of my projects and he asked me “have you written to Bony Dashaco?”

When I said no, he immediately turned his office dextop screen and said here’s his private email, copy it and shoot your shot.

Honestly I freaked out!

I started to imagine that all I have been looking for, was a simple network like this that will bring me everything I wanted, yet I missed it for two years trying to do it the hard way, making failed trips to Dashaco’s office

That night as I returned home I started to do my research on him.

I spent more than 5 hours reading through his social media handles, company websites, company pages and even timelines of people I knew were his close friends.

That was how I got to know more about his business values, what project he was working on at the time, his quotes, and even his preferred wine

So the next morning, immediately I woke up and had my meditation, I spent 4 hours crafting a letter from my tiny laptop and sent an email with my fingers panicking.


I wasn’t sure if he’d see it or even respond, this was going to be the 7th email I was writing plus 8 failed visits to his office.

But something happened that changed everything!

4 hours later he responded to my email and said he was happy to connect with me!

That day I almost went crazy with his response…

So when I responded again, his next email came with his private contact details.

That was how I got the opportunity to talk to him

On the day of our first meeting, I walked to the secretary and told her I had an appointment with her boss, this time with so much confidence I was ushered in within few minutes.

That day we had an exclusive conversation for over an hour in his office and he shared some of his stories and values with me.

So I started thinking to myself, did I just get lucky?

The answer is NO!

I couldn’t afford to pay for his attention, I was one click away from talking to him

But I lacked the right network!

So I thought to myself, what if we build a community like this where you can fish out these gurus and make them available to everyone?

Imagine spending two years EACH to build every single connection you will need for your business…

That's how we founded The AB Afrikpreneur Event

And while we’re handing trophies to celebrate these successful entrepreneurs, we wanted to build a dream community for African entrepreneurs in different fields of life to meet.

A community where you can be able to run a project using the right networks without having to lift a finger or spending two years for a single contact like I did


This explains why it's not just about the awards, AB Afrikpreneur is a COMMUNITY

So I want to ask you a question

What will happen to your business or career if you had the opportunity to get powerful networks from your phone?

It Doesn't Matter Your Industry Or The Income Level Of Your Business !

As we were preparing for the event, we wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to benefit from this community. So we spent months putting together a system for entrepreneurs and business owners of all levels to benefit from no matter your niche.

And in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t begin to fathom the world-wide response, or how many businesses and entrepreneurs this event would actually reach just in its first edition…

Last year #Afrikpreneur2019 had 473 entrepreneurs representing 8 countries in one room for 4 hours. It was epic!

If you’re reading this right now, Afrikpreneur2021 Is Coming And I Want You There!

This is opportunity knocking at your door.

We’re bringing 808 of the Best Entrepreneurs into one room and you’ll be able to sit side by side with experts from all different kinds of industries

It’s unlike any event you’ll experience all year!

If you are building any business (or trying to grow a career) – this event will help add networks on whatever it is you are building!

  • Just getting started
  • Already making some millions
  • Established entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Employees
  • Entertainers
  • Coaches / Consultants
  • Service providers
  • Non-profit
  • Digital entrepreneurs
  • Network marketing
  • B2B
  • B2C